Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eating Oreo's

Cruising around doctor Sahlie's waiting room


The girls at the fireworks so downtown!!!!

Boxer Puppies

Puppies for sale

Sitting on daddy's guitar case!

As you can see Gracelyn likes to climb up on daddy's guitar case and sit!!!! Daddy doesn't like it to much but he can't help but love it too!!!

A visit to PawPaw's and Hether's

Hanging out and having fun with PawPaw, Hether and my Aunt Maggie
So it's been a while since I posted last but I finally got internet at my house so now I can update everything!!! Anyways alot has happened since I last posted, we have had birthday parties to go to, beauty pageants to go to, family events and lots of great memories that Gracelyn and I have made.... I have been off work on "bonding time" and have had so much fun..I will be posting some of the photos from these times and letting you all enjoy them!